The Good Old Days


Been reading a lot about quarter life crisis. Is it quite quarter or one-third life ?

Anyways, quarter-life is the time when you stop suddenly to take stock and say what the *&%^ am I doing with my life??

The time when all childhood and teenage dreams have come to an end. When you disturbingly start seeing things from your parents’ point of view. When you realize that job satisfaction does not arise from where you work or how much you earn. When you even start attending sessions with other crisisees. 🙂

I googled and found loads of entries under qlc. In fact, there were a few blogs which popped up with that title. Read this really interesting description of qlc.

I had initiated a small research on my blog on understanding what makes this generation tick. On the growing-up influences of my age cohorts(born in the post-flower child 70s). This idea kept growing when I realized how much my husband and I (who were born in the same year, 1975) had in common even though we grew up in different parts of India. Me in metro, middle-class Madras (yo! for alliteration). And he in small-town AP. There are so many shared experiences we keep exchanging that I wanted to see if others of that time also empathized with this.

Sadly, my research on the blog did not take off too well. A few sporadic responses was all I got. Anyways, thanks a lot folks who bothered to drop a line. I am just summing up here, the responses I got :

Politics / Governance : Manmohanmics, says Kingsley. I remember what a high that was, though we didn’t follow much of it…. Liberalization and opening up of the economy in all ways possible……

The Mandal Report : protesting against it but helpless at some level, the insecurity as students entering college…

Technology: getting used to the world wide web.

Moving from DOS to Windows.

As Patrix says, being born into technology (as today’s kids are) and adapting to it as a ‘young adult’ are two different things. And we did the latter.

Communications : The STD booth boom….. growing into mobile technology

Media : the death of radio and hello television! as all-consuming
Good old DD : Rangoli, Giant Robot, Siddhartha Basu, Prannoy Roy,

Followed by satellite TV – though I still refuse to believe that we are the MTV generation in any way.

Bottom line ? I still have no idea what exactly our growing-up “influences’ were. But I now do know for sure that people circa my age grew up sharing the same experiences that I did…. Do leave a comment; I have hopes of reviving this research sometime…..

The good old days….. Do you miss them the way I do ?!

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