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Been reading a lot about quarter life crisis. Is it quite quarter or one-third life ? Anyways, quarter-life is the time when you stop suddenly to take stock and say what the *&%^ am I doing with my life?? The time when all childhood and teenage dreams have come to an end. When you disturbingly […]

Yet another cover story from Outlook based on a survey. Second time in two issues. This time called rather dramatically, MNCs : Villains or Victims ? In general, I have nothing against polls as a research tool or when used for prediction or post-mortem. What I am tired of is the way surveys are increasingly […]

I am sick of hearing about Today’s Youth (not me, but the generation after mine. I have a sneaky feeling I am no longer in the ‘youth’ definition of popular media). There has been so much research on them already…. I have had it up to here with terms like gratification and consumerism. Anyways, ever […]